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club policies

Social Media Policy

All Social media from MSC staff, volunteers, parents or swimmers, of all photos, videos, and written material posted on social media will be solely responsible for those actions and may be held personally liable for any comments deemed to be defamatory, obscene or inappropriate. Comments or responses to comments in a way that may be considered bullying negative, offensive or inappropriate to members is not acceptable and will be seriously dealt with.

All MSC staff, volunteers, and members are bound by this policy.

All relevant consents and waivers should be obtained before using any such material. Any posted public comments will need to be approved to post material gathered in a MSC team environment.

As outlined in our terms and conditions of Club Membership all public comments must positive, respectful, and supportive to our members and the swimming community.

Social Media includes all social networking sights such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and snapchat and all other forms of media that is portrayed out to the public.

Welfare Policy

Complaints Procedure

So that parents and swimmers have a voice to complain if they are not happy with a certain situation with other members of the club or coaches, the following steps will be undertaken:

Once we receive a complaint the following procedure will occur:

  1. All parties will be heard first so that we could ascertain the right course of action.
  2. The second course of action would be to discuss with the swimmer’s personal coach.
  3. If this is not resolved then a further meeting would be held with the Head Coach in attendance with the relevant parties. If this is not resolved the complaint would then be followed up with the club’s Welfare Officer.
  4. The Club’s Welfare Officer will then meet with both parties and may need to consult professional advice to come to a resolution. The club’s welfare officer will then need to document all correspondence outcomes and details and will then write a written report that must be given the board to keep as a record.

Inclusion Policy

MSC is committed to the practice of equal opportunities in swimming. Swimming is a sport for all and made accessible to all. To achieve this, MSC will ensure that wherever possible, the club will be accessible to all provided the minimum entry requirements can be met. • On notification of a disability, MSC will make provision so that the swimmer is provided with equal support and guidance within the physical constraints of the MSC’s home facility. Coaching staff, Officials and Administrators will need to make necessary provisions to accommodate all swimmers irrespective of their disability, within the parameters of the programs they offer.

If necessary, MSC will work with the coaching staff to assist with professional development to accommodate swimmers with special needs.

Child Safe Standards

For more information please follow the links below:

A short guide to the child safe standards

Child safe standards FAQ

Rules and policies page - Swimming Victoria

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