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Follow the instructions below and you'll be part of MSC in no time!

Step 1

Get Assessed

Click on "GET ASSESSED" button below. Once we receive your enquiry, we will get in touch with you & assess you.

Get Assessed
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Step 2

Join Melbourne Swimming Club

Once you have completed Step 1 & spoken to the Head Coach Ian Pope it is time to join MSC!

Our club is listed on Swim Central as Melbourne Swimming Club – Abbotsford. Instructions on becoming a new member or transferring to a new club can be found below.

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Step 3

book into the squad program

  1. Click here to access the Leisure City customer portal  
  2. Follow the prompts to verify your email, enter your details and contact information, set a password, create your account, and read and accept the family policies  
  3. Create a student profile, add your swimmer’s details, and read and accept the student policies. Scroll down and click add student if enrolling multiple children  
  4. Click Booking from the top left of the screen and select the child you wish to enrol  
  5. Click see classes, select the appropriate squad, and submit request  
  6. Important: adjust the start date if required as this will affect billing  
  7. Click add to cart then either add enrolments if booking multiple children or complete transaction if not.  
Create an Account

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find my results?

The swimmer has created a new profile in Swim Central instead of activating the rolled over profile. Please contact Swimming Victoria:

I am trying to enter my swimmer in an event but Swim Central says they do not qualify?

This can be for a couple of reasons:

  • The event entry has a qualifying time required and the swimmer does not qualify
  • The event has restricted entries to a particular Club or District competition and the swimmer may not qualify
  • The swimmer does not have a current membership or ‘Swimmer’ membership. Membership will need to be paid before entering events

My event entry says pending – How do I find this and pay for it?

When you have nominated for an event and selected the events you wish to enter without paying for them they will sit as a ‘pending’ invoice. All paid receipts and pending invoices sit with the guardian or parent under their ‘My Purchases’ button.

To find these:

  1. Log in to Swim Central and unlock the Guardian
  2. Select the guardian name – you should then be directed to that persons ‘home page’
  3. Select ‘My Purchases’ – you will see a list of completed receipts and pending invoices here. You may need to scroll through the pages to find the invoice you want, or you can filter by purchase status. Click on the pending invoice to populate the details of this invoice
  4. If all invoice details are correct you can make a payment from here by clicking ‘Make Payment’

I have logged in to Swim Central but I can’t nominate my swimmer for event entries – the nominate button is faded?

When entering events or paying for memberships the guardian must always be unlocked. After logging into Swim Central, click on the Guardian name and enter the 4 digit pin number. After unlocking you can then select the swimmer and continue entering events.

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